Photo of the Week: Week 8

This week’s image is a little different. That’s because as nature photographers, we mostly tend to gravitate towards the obvious naturally beautiful scenes. Cool mountain lakes, majestic soaring peaks, golden sunrises and sunsets… you get the idea. All that stuff is great, and I love to photograph it whenever I can. I really wouldn’t be much of a landscape shooter if I didn’t. But what about places where the beauty isn’t so obvious? Like say a bunch of burned out charred tree trunks with dead brown needles on them? That’s not really describing a lot of natural beauty there now is it? Well maybe it’s just me, but when I drove by this stand of trees on the Spray Lakes road where a recent forest fire had gone through, something caught my eye that made me want to capture some images. I was really drawn to the contrasts in the colours and the graphic nature of the lines and shapes I was seeing. While yes this is a scene of destruction and death for these trees you could say, it’s also a natural and healthy part of the life cycle of the forests. To my eyes, there was certainly beauty worth capturing here, and I hope this image gets some of that across.

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