Evening on the Prairies

One night last week I went for a drive north of Calgary to see what I could find for pictures in the evening light. The sky was looking promising and I was hopeful for a colourful and dramatic sunset over the greens and yellows of the fields.  Nature however, had other plans which did not include my photographic pursuits that night.  I watched as the clouds cleared away and the sun made it’s way toward the horizon in a very un-dramatic fashion. Despite the boring skies I still enjoyed the evening out and managed to make a few images I like.

Early on in the evening, I quickly realized the classic, big picture prairie scenes just weren’t going to happen so I began looking for some more details to shoot.  I threw on the 105mm macro lens and started getting in close to the canola flowers.  I love using this lens because of the shallow depth of field and how it so beautifully blurs out the background into smooth washes of colour.  Here’s a couple of these:

This last image was the last one I took but probably my favourite of the night. The sun had nearly set and the last rays of light were just skimming across the field with a beautiful warm glow.  I used the 70-300 all the way out to 300mm to get in tight and emphasize the rows of colour.

Thanks for looking!

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