More From the Icefields Parkway

Here are a few more from my trip out shooting on the Icefields Parkway last week. I headed out of town Thursday night and made my way up to a spot just past Rampart Creek where I spent the night. It had rained most of the way up, and through the night as well, but when I woke up the clouds were clearing and it was looking like a great sunrise was in store. I hadn’t shot here before so I got up a little extra early to give myself some time to scout out a spot before the show began. So, I found a place that looked good, got set up and made a couple test exposures, then waited for the light to show up… and waited some more… this followed by more waiting… and then… nothing. As my wife would say, “I got foiled!”. The sun just didn’t ever make it through the clouds and make an appearance for me. So it goes for the landscape photog. We just keep getting ourselves out there and hoping we’ll catch the light. Sometimes we do, but more often, we don’t. Oh well, it was still a great morning to be out. After I went back up to my truck and cooked up a pot of coffee and some breakfast, I came back down to the water to make this image. This was the first sign of the sun I saw that day, and while this isn’t any kind of prize winner for sure, I thought it was a pretty scene worth capturing.
I grabbed a few detail shots of the reeds and their reflections on the water. This one was my favourite for it’s simplicity. Sometimes less really is more.
Further up the road I stopped at Nigel creek to take advantage of the overcast light and make some images of the flowing water. Using my Sigh-Ray Vari ND filter as well as my Warming Polarizer, I was able to make this 15 second exposure:
Thanks for looking, I still have a couple more images to come yet from this trip.

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