Another Cool Morning in K-Country

Earlier this week, Wayne Simpson and I headed out to K-Country again to shoot the sunrise at the Upper Kananaskis Lake. The last time we were there a couple weeks ago we had intended to hike out around the shore of the lake to a new spot we’d been eying up that neither of us had shot from before. For whatever reason (most likely just laziness!), we didn’t end up making the trek, so this time out we decided to go for it. Arriving well before sunrise, we set off through the fresh (and deep!) snow by the light of our headlamps. We weren’t quite sure what we would find when we got there, but we were optimistic that we would be in a good position to catch the light hitting the peaks across the lake. I’d say that our instincts on that were right, and thankfully we were awarded with some pretty nice sunrise light for a few brief moments.

Here’s one of my images from the morning, I hope you like it!

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