More From Abraham Lake

Here are a couple more images from my trip to Abraham Lake a couple weeks ago. Walking around on the ice, it’s easy to lose yourself just staring at your feet as you wander around out there. There is just so much to look at with all of the different colours and tones in the ice, the famous bubbles and cracks of course, and all the other little frozen details you can find. The mostly overcast light we had on the trip made for great conditions to shoot these type of detail shots. Not to mention it was a welcome reprieve for the eyes to not be staring straight into the wind for a few minutes!

Here are a couple different details I spotted and thought were worth making a click:

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    • Thanks Paula! I’m glad you like them. To answer your question, I’m just waiting on some more paperwork back from the Lawyer to get some changes and things set up within our corporation and the bank accounts… not that you need the details… Soon though!

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