Old Buildings on the Prairies

Here are some more images from the oopoomoo workshop last week, this time I’ve selected a few of my favourites of some of the old buildings we had a chance to photograph. The historic buildings from the original townsite of Trochu are actually on the site of the St. Ann Ranch where we stayed for the weekend so we had plenty of access to explore and shoot. I regret not making more images of these great old buildings actually, there was so much potential for great images with all of the historic furnishings, unique textures, colours, and character so well preserved. These weren’t the only cool old buildings we saw though, I also made some images of a couple of other old buildings we came across at some of the other shooting locations we visited.

This first one was a shot that Wayne Simpson and I worked on together. This is an 8 minute exposure of the old post office building that we light painted. Wayne lit the front of the building and walk way with a flash light and I ran in the back door with an off camera flash and popped flashes into the ceiling to light the interior.

This next one was the first shot I made on the first night of the trip. We had just a few moments of great low angled light and I was able to capture this old collapsing structure before the sun dipped behind the clouds. I got lucky, it’s not very often my first click on an outing is worth much… it’s almost always guaranteed to be a throw away!

Here’s another take on the same scene:

I really enjoyed working with some of the details of the wood grain, paint, and texture of these great old buildings:

This image was a bit of a surprise when the ghost of Darwin made an appearance!

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