Saltwater and Sunrise

Here is another image from my recent trip to beautiful Kauai. For the first portion of our trip we were staying on the east side of the island in the town of Kapa’a. This little stretch of east facing beach was just a short walk from the condo so I was able to make my way down to shoot the sunrise a time or two. On this particular morning, the winds coming off the water were quite strong and the surf was pretty rough. Every wave that came in created a different looking foreground for the image, so I took several shots, trying a few different shutter speeds, until I got something I liked the look of. I was probably asking for trouble when I set up this shot but I liked the composition and (foolishly) went for it anyway. Being that I was very low to the ground and close to the foreground rocks, I was right in the line of fire for the splashing of the waves breaking in front of me along with the constant misting of salt water spray blowing in off the water. Needless to say, my gear and I got a little wet! I came away with very few usable photos that morning because of the water spots on my filters and lens. Not to mention the streaky foggy mess I made while trying to wipe things clean between shots! I took this shot after taking a quick break and moving away from the water to give things a proper cleaning. Even still, I had a fair bit of clean up to do in post processing but I’m pleased that I was able to salvage at least one of my attempts from the morning.

Thanks for tuning in, there’s more to come!

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