Photo of the Week: Week 2

This week’s photo was taken on a chilly and clear morning up at Bow Lake on the Icefields Parkway last week. I arrived well before sunrise to allow myself enough time to hike out to the shore of the lake and find a spot to shoot. Thankfully, I had left quite a bit of time because I hadn’t counted on the waist deep snow and complete lack of a trail or ski track going out to the lake from the parking lot. After post holing my way out the lake and trying to avoid walking through any potential shots, I was thoroughly exhausted and eager to purchase a pair of snowshoes as soon as I got back to town! With clear skies and thick cloud to the east, there really wasn’t much for colour and dramatic light for the sunrise unfortunately. Thankfully though, a few clouds eventually started to form and the wind was blowing nice streams of snow off the tops of the peaks. I used a polarizing filter on this shot to help bring out the clouds and darken the blue sky. This was also my first shoot with my new full frame camera body, the Nikon D700 and I’m thrilled with finally being able to shoot truly wide angle shots with my 17-35. For those of you that don’t speak camera tech, my apologies… let’s just say that I REALLY like my new camera and leave it at that!

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