Cloudy Skies at Spray Lakes

I’ve always enjoyed watching the weather change, especially as storm systems come in and the skies move and change so quickly. Even before I’d ever taken a serious interest in shooting photos, I can remember being just fascinated by interesting weather and even taking out a camera (whatever point and shoot I had at the time) on occasion to try to capture what I was seeing. Of course, those meagre photographic attempts never came anywhere near doing justice to what was in front of me, but I still tried!

This past week when I was up shooting near Spray Lakes, I could tell that there was some kind of weather change on the way, and that it was happening quickly. The clouds had been layering up all morning and moving in lower and heavier as the sun made it’s way higher in the sky. Things were starting to look really good as I realized I was still a long way from a good vantage point. I only just made it to this spot in time to make this image before the clouds rolled in for good and the snow started to fall. Within minutes the sun was gone, the sky was completely socked in, and I realized I was done.

I hope you enjoy this one:

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