Going Long

Here are a couple more shots from my last trip out shooting from along the Mistaya River. As I mentioned in my last post, I ended up spending quite a bit of time working my way along the river bank looking for detail images of the flowing water. When I’m working on these types of shots, I always like to experiment with different shutter speeds to change the effect of the water and how it records in the image. In the last image I posted, I was at 1/10th of a second which is still relatively short as far as exposures for motion go. In that case, I was still looking for some detail in the water while showing the motion so I kept the exposure shorter. For these images below, I took a different approach and decided to go with much longer exposures to get that smooth and almost dreamy look in the water. With the help of my Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter, I was able to get my exposure times up into the 10 – 20 second neighbourhood which did the trick nicely.

Here are 2 of my favourites from the morning, I hope you enjoy these:

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