Photo of the Week: Week 13

Well, after another round of computer problems, I’m sure hoping I’m good to go for a while now. It appears my hard drive was the culprit and has since been replaced by Apple (thank you warranty!). It’s been a long week without the iMac on my desk and once again, I’m posting my weekly photo several days late. My apologies, I hope you can understand…

So, with that out of the way, here’s this week’s photo:

After getting up at 3:15 and leaving at 3:45, driving 3 hours into the mountains, snowshoeing down to a lake, crossing the river ice (nearly falling through I might add!), arriving at the location just before sunrise, and setting up a nice composition that morning… I did not take this picture. In fact, I essentially got nothing. Later that evening after returning home from a long day in the field, I noticed some colour in the sky starting to show up in the west just as I was about to pack away my gear for the night. I quickly grabbed my camera bag and tripod, crossed the street to the field across from my house and proceeded to make what would turn out to be my best images of the day. I guess this just goes to show you that you don’t always have to go very far to find a nice image. If the conditions are right and your eyes are open, great shots can be found. For this image, I was shooting towards the sunset in the west with my 70-300 lens just barely keeping the rooftops of the houses out of the frame. With the longer focal length and narrow field of view I was able to isolate the tree from the rest of the scene and simply place it against the colourful sky. A nice end to the day I’d say.
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