Photo of the Week: Week 37

After about a month or so, I was finally able to get back out to the Rockies for some shooting this week. Shooting on the prairies and working on those images lately has been a great change of pace for me, but it sure felt good to spend some time out in the mountains again this week. This was just a little detail image I shot near Bow Lake shortly after sunrise. With clear skies above and windy conditions on the lake, I decided not to bother shooting the classic Bow Lake sunrise shot and to look elsewhere for something more interesting. Actually, I even had a little nap and some breakfast first! I ended up not even taking a single shot of Crowfoot Mountain or the lake and the glaciers. It’s amazing what you can find when when you pull yourself away from the obvious shots and look a little deeper at what’s around you. I found this bed of cracked mud in an area nearby that I thought had some potential so I ended up spending most of my time working in this little spot. While this image certainly doesn’t have the wow factor that a dramatic sunrise image at Bow Lake can, I still like it for the more subtle and simple feel it has. And besides, I didn’t have a big dramatic sunrise to shoot that morning, so how much sense would it have made for me to spend the time and effort setting up for that shot only to bring back a lacklustre image? I’m learning that it isn’t always about the big light and wow factor, and that the more I let go of always trying to bring back those type of images, the more free I am to explore and find meaningful images no matter what the conditions.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoy this one.

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