Photo of the Week: Week 52

Well, this week marks the final instalment in my 2012 weekly photo series. For this final post, I’m sharing a simple image I made while out shooting on a cold snowy day in the mountains last week. It was a beautiful winter morning with fresh snow having fallen over night and even more gently falling throughout the day. The low clouds and overcast conditions made for somewhat of a photographic challenge though in that the main attraction of the Rockies, the mountains themselves, were practically invisible. Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s always a great exercise when the conditions force you to look past the obvious images and see more creatively. I often find some of my favourite images come from days like this.
I saw this view across the valley near Lake Louise and was really drawn to the repeated patterns of the lines of trees and the way the fog created a kind of layered effect. Using my telephoto lens I extracted this little scene and took advantage of the compression effect of using a longer focal length.
While simple and maybe not all that exciting, this image really captured the peaceful, quiet mood of that beautiful winter morning for me. If you haven’t experienced the stillness and quiet of a crisp winter morning in the mountains, I would highly recommend it. I hope this photo at least gives you a taste.

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