Photo of the Week: Week 4

This week’s photo was from a quick run out to Vermillion Lakes near Banff with Wayne Simpson about a week and a half ago. The sunrises here can be outstanding this time of year, and the open water and ice formations provide lots of interesting foreground potential. Unfortunately for us, on this morning we had a clear blue sky and very little interest and drama in the sky. I’m sure not having much luck with sunrises the last little while! Oh well, it was still a great morning to be out with a good friend making images.

For this image, I shot two images focused at different points in the frame and then stacked them together. This allowed me to get the ice which was less than a foot away from the lens in sharp focus as well as the distant peak. I also used a 3 stop soft step filter to darken the sky gradually down towards the peak. While the colour and drama in the sky is certainly lacking, I liked the simplicity of this one and subtle transitions in the colour throughout the image.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Week 4

  1. Nice one Ian! The light on that ice is crazy nice (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!), and I agree that the simplicity works here. In my opinion, your choice to get low and showcase that ice are what really make the image work here. Keep up the great work!

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