Photo of the Week: Week 5

Well, I’ve just returned from a 3 day trip out to the Rockies with Wayne Simpson. Based on the conditions and weather, we ended up spending most of our time at Abraham Lake which is an area I’ve been wanting to shoot for quite some time now. Both Wayne and I were introduced to Abraham Lake through the work of Darwin Wiggett who has really popularized the area with photographers in the last few years. Be sure to check out his amazing images from here and if you’re interested, his workshops and photo tours in the area as well (I believe there may also be an e-book on the area on the way too). Thankfully for me, Wayne had shot here before and knew where some of the better spots to shoot were, so I guess I should say thanks to both Wayne and Darwin for this one!

I made this image at sunrise as the sky just teased us with this little splash of colour. This turned out to be the only colour we would see in the sky for the entire trip, so I was glad to have gotten this one. The ice cracks and bubbles you see in the foreground are some of what Abraham Lake has become so famous for… that and the wind! What you can’t see in this image is that we were getting absolutely blasted by the wind coming straight towards us. Our faces and eyes were certainly feeling it after spending the entire day from before sunrise to after sunset essentially staring face first into the gale force wind. It was enough to blow us and our gear across the the ice at times! But it sure was fun!

Stay tuned for more images from the trip coming this week, and be sure to check out Wayne’s blog for his images as well.

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