Photo of the Week: Week 18

This week’s photo was taken on a foggy and rainy morning near Banff, up on the Minnewanka Loop. This was a challenging morning with constantly changing conditions as the clouds and fog were quickly moving in and out all around me. My original intent was to get a shot overlooking Two Jack Lake towards Mt. Rundle in the west and I started out by setting up a composition there. Very quickly though, a particularly heavy band of fog came in and completely obscured the view. After waiting it out for a while and seeing no signs of things clearing up (and sunrise quickly approaching!) I decided to look for a shot facing the other direction where the cloud cover was less thick. So, I relocated myself a little further up the road and set up a shot with a long exposure to try to make use of the quickly moving clouds in the sky. As I started to see a little bit of colour in the clouds my hopes were up that I was going to get something great here at this new spot and I was glad to have made the move. That’s when I glanced back over my shoulder towards my original shot and noticed the the fog in front of Mt. Rundle was clearing ever so slightly and the first rays of the sun were lighting up the peak beautifully. It was gorgeous! And I was now facing the wrong direction, too far from the good composition I’d had earlier, with my camera in the middle of a long exposure… Doh! As quickly as I could, I turned my gear around and tried my best to make a decent shot from where I was of this sweet light. I didn’t even bother taking the time to take off the filters I had on the lens for the long exposure, I just used them and shot the same long exposure. I didn’t want to risk missing the light. I managed to get one shot off using a one minute exposure and within that time the fog had come back and it was over. Being that I was scrambling just to get some kind of shot at this point, I knew that I’d be focusing on just the peak and the sky and not using the distracting foreground trees. So after processing and a little cropping, here’s what I ended up with. While this isn’t the shot I would have set up there initially, I actually don’t mind how it turned out. The long exposure was essentially an accident but I quite like how the motion in the clouds adds to the image. It’s a nice surprise when accidents work out well like this!

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