Photo of the Week: Week 19

It’s great to be out in the mountains this time of year to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of spring. I just love seeing how the world comes to life again after the winter months. It’s such a change to hear the sounds of birds in the trees, and the rushing water all around as the snow melts away. The lakes and rivers are opening up and losing their ice, and the grass and plants are beginning to grow again for another season. It’s exciting to see it happening!
To welcome spring, I decided on this image for this week’s photo. It was taken about a week and a half ago just off the road along the Icefields Parkway. The green moss and flowing water are a nice change of subject matter after a winter of shooting snow and ice. While there is snow just outside the edges of the frame all around this shot (and quite a deep patch I had to hike through to get into position), the signs of spring’s determination to emerge are clear. I’m really looking forward to spending time out in the mountains this spring and summer, more than usual for some reason, and excited for the shooting possibilities of the new season!

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