A Different Take

Here are a couple new images from my trip to Kauai back in February. I thought these might be a good example of how it pays to find different ways to shoot the same scene. So often I see photographers set up to “get the shot” only to pack up and leave to another location to do the same thing all over again. I honestly believe those photographers are truly missing out on so many potentially great images and what’s more, the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from working a scene and really looking for images.

This shot was taken just a few steps away and within minutes of this image . You can actually see the same group of rocks that were used in the foreground of that shot in the middle left of the image above. By using a different combination of lens, filters, processing, and most importantly, vision I was able to come away with two uniquely different takes on the same scene.

This one is another example of the same idea. After I made my first image from this scene, I moved in much closer for this more intimate view.


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2 thoughts on “A Different Take

  1. Great images, Ian, and great advice as well. I will photograph at locations on a schedule when I must, but frankly I’m happiest and get some of my more interesting results when I can take the time to really “mine” for compositions…

    • Thanks a lot Royce! I totally agree with you. Often, my most interesting shots and most enjoyable time spent shooting has come from taking that extra time exploring the scene.

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