Photo of the Week: Week 3

This week’s photo was taken on the same outing as the image from last week which was exactly 2 weeks ago today. While I was taking my usual way back from Lake Louise along the Bow Valley Parkway, I stopped at Baker Creek to try to make some detail images of the ice formations along the edge of the creek. With the limited amount of open water and challenging vantage points to choose from, I struggled a little here at first, but after spending some time and looking a little harder I was able to come up with a couple of compositions I was happy with. The biggest challenge here was capturing the motion of the completely clear water. I had started out by using a polarizer as I normally would for a shot like this, but I found that without the reflections on the surface, the water was just disappearing completely from the image. I ended up rotating the polarizer back to where it was least effective and made use of the reflections to bring out the detail in the water. To give the image to cool look I was after, I first converted it to black and white, and then toned the shadow areas a deep blue colour.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy this one!

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